Job Description

  • Develop software that will be used in current systems or future systems.
  • Maintain current codebase, systems and integrations.
  • Operate current content, commerce and management systems. Apply necessary changes.
  • Install and maintain servers.
  • Support Digital Marketing Team by developing JS, HTML, CSS applications.
  • Analyse data using queries. Create reports.
  • Creating test environments using available data and systems.


  • Preferably holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering / software development.
  • Experienced in one of the widely used programming languages (PHP, Python, Ruby, NodeJS, Jaca, JavaScript etc.)
  • Some knowledge on Linux OS
  • Some knowledge on following concepts: DevOps, Continuous Integration, Version Control, Dependency Management
  • Preferably experienced in database systems (SQL, NoSQL)
  • Preferably knowledgeable about Git Version Control System
  • Motivated to work in a dynamic startup environment.
  • Interested in web technologies
  • Personal keywords: Self motivated, doer, result-oriented, thorough
  • Proficient in English